Her name is like the ocean. Deep in a way that you never really fully comprehend the depth that she has and the wars that she has fought. Clear only in parts that she wants you to see, only in parts that she is willing to share. She is both the calm waves of the ocean and the storm that rages down below. She is warm and cold. She is peace and havoc.

Despite the contradiction that seems to embody her, she is that feel-good classic song that is just timeless and evocatively stirring to the heart. She has this aura that radiates positivity to whoever is around her. She is an old soul and an adventurous spirit. Though humble and grounded, she is a fluid being; always seeking for higher mountains to climb, bigger challenges to overcome. She rarely reveals her vulnerable side but in times of despair, she always comes back at life ten times stronger, always wearing her youthful smile.

She generally has a sophisticated taste, but she’s never ashamed to reveal her inner “jologs”. She’s never afraid to get crazy like making a notarized funeral contract with her best friends, playing and soaking their legs in the wild floods of Manila or driving a motorbike on winding and mountainous roadways. She’s like a sister — a cheerleader, at the same time a challenger who pushes people to be their best version.

She speaks life in seasons of distress. She views it in increments of defining moments yet still pays attention to the in-betweens. She is a friend worth keeping, a shoulder to cry on, a pair of ears to vent out to. She is breathtaking and she is so much more.

[Credits to: Sofi, Babe, Norie and Nessa for such melodiuos words]

I am Chelsea — an architect. I design at Taller Rámgo. I write here Sa Túngor; at times about the truths and inconsistencies of being.