I can’t remember when it started but every time I don’t feel positive with my overall well-being, it manifests as a jolt of pain in my back running down my spine — seemingly cutting my flesh open, with nothing but void inside. I abhor this feeling. A plethora of unnecessary emotions surge, that I have to grapple with for the next weeks or so. In that span of time, all hell in me breaks lose. I don’t like it. I need to break away from this.

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The first week of September has kept me busy. It became evident that the…

It’s 4:00AM sharp on my phone clock. The city life is starting to buzz outside with car noises noticeably increasing by the hour. A new day is welcomed by a drizzle. It is starting for the people outside. I, on the other hand, am turning off my desktop computer and tidying up my table — still set to conclude the past day. I need sleep. Lying down on my mat in my bare studio space, staring up at the ceiling, my hands behind my head, I ponder the affairs of my heart towards my experience as a junior architect in…

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“I am giving myself two years to figure things out for my life. I know that my present is crucial to the future that awaits me and I can’t afford to spend my time slacking and making excuses anymore. I can’t be stuck always wondering and trying to reboot my life. Everyone’s moving forward and I should be too because I needed it for myself.”

I wrote this four years ago — August 28, 2017 to be exact. It took two years longer than it should have but I have found a sense of relief and confidence in knowing that…

“Do you ever just write stuff down in a journal, Jeff? One you don’t show people or use to get anything with? A place that’s just for you to sort out the truth?” — Annie, Community S3:E14 Pillows and Blankets

I have been binge-watching the series ‘Community’ ever since it aired on Netflix PH just a week ago. After watching a few episodes I appreciated the profound bits in episodes about wanting to change, to take a shot at something better despite of who you are or where you think you are at life. The content is quirky and outrageous…

The typical life pattern of a Filipino young adult goes like this: At ages five to eleven — we get into elementary. At ages twelve to sixteen — we step into high school. Add another two years, for senior high school. Come eighteen to twenty-two, we face college and move on to get a job.

Dip after Taekwondo class.

In a fast-paced country such as the Philippines, with a culture that prioritizes physiological needs, safety needs, and social needs, our society’s emotional well-being and self-esteem are put behind the spotlight. …

I regretted the day I chose

to look at you straight in the eyes.

You stared back eager as I was not moving for a second,

the two of us frozen

in that infinitesimal moment in time.

In what seeming like a blinking battle,

you beat me,

you made me surrender,

you made me look away.

I couldn’t claim you as mine but by now,

truth be told — I probably am already yours.

Vignettes of bits and parts of you have been stuck in my head —

your sweet visage against the sunlight,

your radiant smile that makes my…

Her name is like the ocean. Deep in a way that you never really fully comprehend the depth that she has and the wars that she has fought. Clear only in parts that she wants you to see, only in parts that she is willing to share. She is both the calm waves of the ocean and the storm that rages down below. She is warm and cold. She is peace and havoc.

Despite the contradiction that seems to embody her, she is that feel-good classic song that is just timeless and evocatively stirring to the heart. She has this…

An Impromptu Script for a Dyad Performance

I am with the dreamers — those who love fully with their life, and work passionately to their deaths.

I am with the dreamers — but with those who love equally and work to live freely.

At age four, I have been trained to play the piano. From dusk until the wee hours, I been pushed to sit upright and play Chopin pieces that stuck to my ears even as I fall asleep in my bed.

At age four, I remember crying not seeing my parents by my side as I wake up…

a chance for rebound

I had a motorcycle accident last month from our Talikasan climb at Infanta, Quezon Province. It left me bruises and wide scrapes on both of my knees and a small laceration on my right foot but aside from those injuries, I am completely fine.

Everything happened in a flash. I was driving a Suzuki motorbike, one with a centrifugal clutch in the winding roads of Infanta heading back to Pinlac Falls. I was with my friend. She was sitting behind me clinging to my waist for safety. We were trying to turn in a steep fork from a paved road…

Seventy-eight days into the year and each week has had a fair amount of exhilaration for me. Twenty seventeen, thus far has been kinder, more gentle, and more considerate than the previous year. I have in some ways moved on from the disastrous year behind.

I have resettled to a boarding house within the campus. My parents finally allowed me to live within the university for my own safety — concerning the drug war that the head of our country has been so obsessed with even before he took his seat of office. This sudden change of plan provided me…

Sa Túngor

I am Chelsea — an architect. I design at Taller Rámgo. I write here Sa Túngor; at times about the truths and inconsistencies of being.

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